Ocarina of Time PC Port Updated

It’s a strange time in the gaming world. While some eagerly await headlines like the new God of the war or whenever the new Grand Theft Auto spear. On the other hand, we have people who are just happy to play remakes of their favorite classic games. A game that has been remade into a fan-made port for PC is Ocarina of time. The Ocarina of time The PC port has been in development for some time. This Zelda PC Port is something that people are very excited to play with new features and of course on the PC.

You can play the PC port of Ocarina of Time at 250 fps

Earlier this year, the team behind this port released the PC version of Ocarina of Time for people to try. It’s great because nintendo has yet to make a remake of the game that revolutionized the genre, as everyone knows. Ocarina of time is a classic among gamers. Even for developers. This game was the basis of adventure games at the time. It completely changed the image of how action-adventure games are played. It’s only time nintendo started their own remake. But, while we wait, this amazing team is here to bring the Ocarina of time PC port we all want.

This update brings a lot of features to it Zelda PC port. It unlocks the framerate up to 250 frames per second. It also adds difficulty options for stubborn players who want more of a challenge. Another thing in the Ocarina of time The PC port update is an update to guard behavior. The ones you need to sneak into the castle now have vision cones. This allows players to plan accordingly before committing.
It’s great to see a dedicated team trying to bring a great port to players. We all hope the project will end soon so everyone can try it out and ease the good old days of gaming.