Nintendo 64 handheld console only plays Ocarina Of Time

Introducing the SG-N64 – the portable console for a single Nintendo 64 game. You can play any game, as long as you it is the Ocarina of Time.

You might be wondering why would you want to go through the effort of making a totally awesome portable N64 player and then limit it to just one game? Well the answer is actually quite simple. [Chris] wanted to immortalize his favorite game, Ocarina of Time. As he puts it, making an SG-N64 “takes the grandeur of a timeless classic and preserves it in a body designed purely for the purpose of playing it.”

Inside you’ll find the motherboard of an original N64, as well as the game cartridge PCB which has lost its casing and is now wired in place. Of course, this is just the start. The real challenge of building is adding all the necessary peripherals: display, audio, control, and power. It did, and in a very respectable size considering it was supposed to sit in your living room.

Now this is the way you show your kids or grandchildren a classic video game. Heck, maybe you can even convince them that this is how all games were sold and played! What is the fun of being a parent without a little trolling?

Oh and if a console game isn’t good enough, we’re guessing you could make a portable N64 that can play any game …

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