Modder creates Star Fox title Roguelike using Ocarina of Time Code

Nintendo has so many franchises at this point that it’s no surprise that some have apparently been overlooked. There was no F-Zero game since 2004, Metroid fans are always waiting for more news on Metroid Prime 4, and Star fox is somewhere lost in space. One of those series is now revitalized, albeit officially. Kaze Emanuar, a modder who created several retro mods for old Nintendo titles, created a whole new game; a roguelike game with Fox McCloud from Star fox.

The project, officially titled Starfox 64: Survival, is an order, made by both Kaze and another retro modder, Zel. The game fails Fox McCloud on a strange alien planet with no way to repair his arwing spaceship. Players will have to survive 30 nights on the alien planet, while fending off its vicious inhabitants.

Of course, because the game is a mod it needs to be based on, and in this case it is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While gamers will run under the Fox McCloud name, the game’s user interface, controls, and game systems all point to the classic. The Legend of Zelda title, down to the heart containers in the upper left corner.

For those looking to give the game a try, downloading it takes a few steps but shouldn’t be that bad. Instructions for playing roguelike Star fox the title is just in the description of his trailer. That being said, it is better to download the game now rather than later. Kaze’s channel has already received copyright infringement strikes from Nintendo, and this video may soon follow suit.

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