Discover this recreation of the Gerudo Valley of Ocarina Of Time

There is perhaps no series so steeped in the cozy haze of nostalgia as the The Legend of Zelda series, with the N64 classic Ocarina of time standing out among most fans as the pinnacle of the series. Without a doubt, this play is still fresh in my memory, from finding out that the Ocarina went through the entire C major scale and playing songs on it with friends to how boring the water temple was. We saw scenes from A link to the past already remade in Unreal Engine 4, with amazing results, but now someone has taken on Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of time and whoa. Just whoa.

Although this faithful reconstruction of the classic place of Ocarina of time is undoubtedly a higher resolution and has a lot more polygons in everything, it still stays true to the original game in many ways. The YouTuber Head of Leisure explains that they pulled the map from the 3DS version of the game for reference, then recreated the entire valley from scratch inside Unreal Engine 4.

If that doesn’t make you wish Nintendo would revisit these older and beloved games and give them a revamp, I don’t know what will, but don’t hold your breath on it. Nintendo seems happy to go ahead and create new episodes in the series, although we did get an updated version of Twilight Princess. So there is that.

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