10 hidden areas you never knew existed

Although The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time released over two decades ago for the Nintendo 64, fans always come back to this game for the for the sake of nostalgia and the hunt for secrets. It’s crazy to think that after all these years, hidden areas are still being discovered in this classic game. If anything, that just makes a good game even better.

Whether it’s a Nintendo art museum, secret merchants, or a cow hidden underground, here are some of the most intriguing hidden areas in one of the most popular. Zelda never made games that you might not have known about after all this time.

Medigoron’s workshop

The rock folk known as Goron are a tough bunch. No matter what tragedy or disasters befall the land, they have found a way to survive and help Link on his adventures. In Ocarina of time, the player has the chance to meet a few in Goron City.

What many players didn’t know was that there was a secret merchant hiding in town. On the third floor of the city, behind a destructible wall was a path leading to Medigoron’s workshop. If you visit him as an adult link, he will sell you the giant knife for 200 rupees.

Nintendo Art Museum

Hyrule / Ganon Castle is large, but the player really only studies part of it during their adventure in Ocarina of time. Considering this, it’s no surprise that the developers created hidden rooms in which they could hide secrets.

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One of the most interesting is the Nintendo Art Museum located next to the castle courtyard. To the right of the courtyard, players can peek out the windows as they jump into the water to spot some interesting artwork. With a few hops, you will be able to see Yoshi, Daisy, Mario, Bowser and Luigi.

Jailed shark

Ocarina of Time - hidden shark

As an adult link, players can help the lake scientist with experiments regarding the lake. A task causes him to dive again and again into a pool in the laboratory to see how far he goes. Using the golden ladder, the player can reach the bottom and find an interesting secret.

In addition to getting the Piece of Heart, the player will also see a shark behind a cage. It doesn’t move and the scientist never talks about it. His purpose isn’t clear, but players were happy he wasn’t some mad scientist who opened the door when you got there.

Castle scrubs

Inside Ganon Castle is a store that many players probably weren’t aware of, but which would have benefited them greatly before the impending boss fight. In the center of the castle on the lower level, players could use the Lens Of Truth to reveal the hidden secret.

It’s a room with several fairies and four Business Scrubs. These Business Scrubs will attack first, but if Link can repel the projectiles, they will settle down and sell you their wares. This is a great way to refuel before the big fight, but be aware that they will be a bit more expensive than reputable merchants.

Windmill treasure

On the outskirts of the village of Kakariko there is a large windmill and for many players it was little more than an iconic monument. It turns out that if you view the building in first person, you’ll see a part that has come loose revealing a hidden room.

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Using a longshot, players can access this room and find a Cucco and rubies. It’s worth a visit for Rupees, so as long as you don’t go against Cucco or you’ll regret it.

Lava heart

It was one of those secrets that surprised fans when it was revealed several years after the game’s release. Located in Dodongo Cave is a large lava fall which at first glance doesn’t look very interesting. .

While many stunts have secrets hidden behind them, many players naturally assumed that jumping into the flowing lava was a bad idea and few tried it. It turns out that not only would the player not be hurt by this particular lava fall, but there was a room hidden behind it containing a full heart.

Hidden cow

Bombs were valuable weapons in Ocarina of time but they also served as effective keys to unlock hidden areas. One example is an interesting hole hidden at the top of Death Mountain Trail. There was a red flag with a large boulder beside it, and an explosion would reveal the secret.

For some reason, under this rock inside a hole are rubies, hearts and a cow. How the cow got there is unknown. Maybe a local didn’t want Ganon to get it so he stuck it under the rock, who knows. Either way, it’s a great source of money, healing, and milk.

Biggoron Workshop

It turns out that Medigoron has an older brother named Biggoron, who is a much more talented blacksmith. Located atop Death Mountain next to the Great Fairy Fountain, this juggernaut will craft a powerful weapon in exchange for a few favors.

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If Link provides him with the Broken Goron Sword and the Big Guy’s irritated eye drops, he will transform it into the Biggoron Sword. This weapon deals twice as much damage as the Master Sword and has high durability. The only downside is that it’s two-handed, so you won’t have a shield which can be a problem depending on your playstyle.

Empty oasis

This hidden spot is a boring find at first, but with a bit of puzzle work it’s actually a neat interactive area. In Desert Colossus, the player can find a dry oasis with two palm trees, a boulder, and a hole in the ground where a swimming pool once stood.

If players are standing on the rock, Navi will start blinking like crazy, suggesting that something big may be happening here. It turns out that if the player uses the Ocarina to play Song of Storms, the water will return to the area and fill the Oasis for the rest of the game.

Forest scene

Probably the most interesting hidden area is the confusing Lost Woods. If players manage to figure out how to explore this area, they can find a clearing with a lonely tree and flowers. The flowers hide a scene hidden underground.

Downstairs, a group of Scrubs wait to be entertained. If Link wears the Skull Mask and plays Saria’s song, the Scrubs will go crazy and the player will get an upgrade to increase the amount of Deku Sticks they can carry. The Mask of Truth also works, but the Scary Mask will make them hostile and no upgrades are given.

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